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Rocker Arm 360 Degree Rotary Water Sprinkler

Rs.1,899.00 Rs.1,499.00
1. Premium quality materials made,nontoxic, odor-free and wear resistant.
2. 360 degree adjustable rotating design, easily control watering area.
3. Comes with ground pin, convenient to install on the ground.
4. Great for flowerbeds, sideyards, lawns, patios, courtyards, vegetable.
5. Practical design and structure,durable and sturdy to use.
Net weight: 280g
Material: zinc alloy
Interface: (1/2) quadruple threaded interface
Pressure: 2.0-4.0 kg
Flow rate: 0.5-1.3 cubic meters/hour
Spray radius: 8.0-12.0 meters

1 x Rocker Arm Water Sprinkler