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High Altitude Liquid Multi-Fuel Stove

Rs.6,999.00 Rs.6,500.00
    • Fuel: Gasoline and kerosene
    • Usage:Condition: Normal Outdoor
    • Material: Stainless steel, copper and high-temperature resistant rubber
    • Net weight:820g
    • Maximum capacity:500ml
    • Maximum safe ambient temperature:45 degrees
    • The less ambient temperature:-20 degrees
    • Fire burning time:3 hours
    • Small fire burning time:4 hours
    • Tank running pressure:0.2-0.4Mpa
    • Maximum bearing weight:5kg
    • Volume:145x137x155mm
High Altitude Liquid Multi-Fuel StoveYZ0878 (15)YZ0878 (8)YZ0878 (7)YZ0878 (14)YZ0878 (10)