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Multi-purpose Chest Expender,Hans Grip,Tummy Trimmer

Rs.2,299.00 Rs.1,499.00


*1. Material: steel+PP

*2. Size: 71 cm(total length), 1.65 cm(spring diam)

*3. Force: 15 kg(each spring)


*1. Multi-purpose home workout equipment that can be used as a grip exerciser, chest expander, sits-up kit, resistance band, ect.

*2. The grip is wrapped of high-strength PP material, and the spring part is made of steel with good rigidity to ensure strength, in addition, the pedals with ribbed surface for non-slip effect.

*3. 5 springs in total. Each spring has a force of 15kg. You can adjust the force by attaching/detaching the springs to meet our needs.

*4. There are four small springs on each grip part. It is also an exerciser.

*5. Strengthen and exercise the upper body, chest, abs, shoulders and back.

Package Includes:

1 x Chest Expander