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High Pressure Water Spray Gun

Rs.1,599.00 Rs.1,299.00


*High-quality gun head,Large water volume and strong impact

*360 ° adjustable pressure, strong water output,Adjustable water gun head

*Labor-saving buckle design, continuous water outlet, convenient and labor-saving buckle

*Powerful water pressure makes cleaning easier

*The multi-jet mode makes it a convenient and practical tool


Material: high quality plastic + full copper nozzle + metal gun body

Product size: 12 * 3.5 * 18CM


1. After connecting the faucet, please do not open the faucet too much, there will be water pressure when opened slightly, in order to extend the life of the faucet.

2. Do not touch the outer skin of the water pipe with sharp objects to prevent damage to the pipe body.

3. After each use, please release all the water remaining in the tube, and then roll up and dry to prolong the service life of the hose.

Package Included:

1* Spray Gun