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Caster 1600W Garden Lawn Mower

Rs.29,999.00 Rs.24,999.00

Product Parameters Cutting width: 320mm Name: hand pruner Blade Type: Manganese Steel Sheet Power: 1600 W Height adjustment: 5-40-55mm Voltage: 230V-240V ~ 50Hz Gear adjustment: three gears Rotation speed: 3300 r / min Application area: 50-1000 ㎡ Net weight: 7.85kg Advantage 1. High power, strong power, strong torque, fast heat dissipation 2. Three speed adjustable height, Double switch design 3. Large capacity grass box 4. High manganese steel sheet Specification Product name: Push-type lawn mower Motor voltage: 230V-240V / 50Hz Power: 1600 W 320mm cutting diameter Motor decibels: 96dB Scissors type: manganese steel blade Rotation speed: 3300 r / min Height adjustment: 25-40-55mm Gear setting: 3 files Applicable area: 500-1000 square meters Start step machine: 1. Connect the power supply 2. Press and hold the switch 3. Press and hold the switch button, press the pull bar 4. Release the button and control the pull rod.