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Anti Cut Gloves

Rs.1,399.00 Rs.1,199.00
Made of stainless steel wire, high-quality polyester, and high elastic chemical fiber.
Very durable.
Super slash/cut proof.
Soft and washable just like normal gloves.
Reduce the harm by sharp materials such as dagger, triangular scraper, glass, stone, etc.
A good guardian in various occasions where you have to face sharp materials.
Ideal for cutting, slicing, peeling, and grating in the kitchen, wood carving, oyster shucking, carpentry, and so much more.
Cut-resistant Grade: 5
Abrasion Resistance: 2
Tear resistance coefficient: 4
Material: Stainless steel wire, high-quality polyester, and high elastic chemical fiber
Component Ratio: 46% Stainless Steel Wire+44% High Strength Polyester +9% Polyester+1% Elastic Cord
Operating temperature: <100 degrees Celsius
Glove quantity: 1 Pair
Size: Average
Total Length: approx. 24cm
Width: approx. 14cm
Middle Finger Length: approx. 8cm
Color: Black
1. Cut-resistant gloves steel filament strength surpasses the similar products, high density, have little impact on the glove flexibility, but very strong.
2. This product should be lower than the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, not in contact with an open flame.
3. Cut-resistant gloves only cut-resistant, not anti-stab.
Package Includes:
1 Pair Cut-resistant Gloves